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o-Cyclohexylphenol 98% (o-CHP 98%)

98% Pure o-Cyclohexylphenol Supplier and Manufacturer

Metadynea is a leading distributor for chemical specialties including pure o-Cyclohexylphenol. Founded in 1948 we have more than 70 years international experience and long established contacts worldwide for o-Cyclohexylphenol manufacturing and supply.

Metadynea 2-Cyclohexylphenol, CAS [119-42-6] is produced in the gas phase using catalysts that operate at the point of highest selectivity. Metadynea can offer 2-cyclohexylphenol in the highest purity, made possible by unrivaled advanced technology in the gas phase. Metadynea does not convert and purify cyclohexadiene-containing side streams like most of our competitors. Metadynea starts by converting high purity cyclohexanol to cyclohexene and converts it to high purity 2-cyclohexylphenol. Our gas-phase technology makes Metadynea a global technology leader in offering high-purity 2-cyclohexylphenol, saving costs in your downstream processes and increasing safety in your application.

Additionally, we manufacture and supply 98% pure o-Cyclohexylphenol for small or large company partners who need specific support during periods of growth and are ramping production.

Metadynea is supporting research institutions, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, and many more chemical companies in Europe, Asia, and America with need for 98% pure o-CHP. Metadynea is an ISO9001 / ISO14001 and Responsible Care certified company, committed to environment and safety.

o-Cyclohexylphenol 98% CAS: 119-42-6

Registration No. 01-2120745802-54-0001


o-Cyclohexylphenol (%Area) min. 98.0
p-Cyclohexylphenol (%Area) max. 2.0

Chemical & Physical Properties

General Formula C12H16O
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 176.3
Boiling point (°C; 1013 mbar) 283
Melting point (°C) 56
Flash point (°C) 134
Ignition point (°C) 280


o-CHP can be used as intermediate for the synthesis of rubber, dye carrier, dispersing agent for the dyeing process of textiles, dispersing agent for pharmaceutical and agrochemical formulations; additive of preservatives, additive of photoresist compositions.

o-Cyclohexylphenol Supplier

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