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p-Cymene Supplier and Manufacturer

Metadynea is a premium supplier and manufacturer for p-Cymene. With the increasing market demand for aromatic organic compounds such as Para-Cymene we began to produce and sell the best quality pure 99% p-Cymene.

Leveraging our 70+ years of experience in the field, we are committed to providing the purest p-Cymene. to our global customers. Our client list includes many major pharmaceutical and science companies, universities, research institutions and chemical catalogue companies.

Metadynea is the regional market and technology leader in specialty fine chemicals. Approximately 440,000 tons of these quality products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities every year, including our premium p-Cymene.

p-Cymene CAS: 99-87-6 CAS: 99-87-6

REACH No. 01-2119556657-21-0000
FEMA No. 2356


Color (Hazen) max. 10
Refractive Index (nd 20) 1.488-1.492
Density (20°C; g/cm3 ) 0.852-0.870
Iodine Value (g/100 g) max. 2
p-Cymene (%) min. 97.0
1,4+1,8 Cineole (%) max. 0.10
α-Phellandrene (%) max 0.05
β-Phellandrene (%) max. 0.10
Limonene (%) max 0.20
α-Terpinene (%) max 0.05 Odor control yes

Chemical & Physical Properties

General Formula C10H14
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 134.2
Boiling point (°C, 1013 mbar) 177
Melting point (°C) -68
Flash point (°C) 52
Ignition point (°C) 435

p-Cymene supplier

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