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Specialty Fine Chemicals

Using dehydrogenation / dehydratisation / oxidation as key technology Metadynea offers some rare specialties dedicated to customers purpose-built demand.

Hydroxyacetone HP

CAS: 116-09-6

Technical Data Sheet - Hydroxyacetone HP (pdf)

p-Cyclohexylphenol 98%

CAS: 119-42-6

Technical Data Sheet - o-Cyclohexylphenol 98% (pdf)

Fatty Acid C6 - Hexanoic Acid

CAS: 142-62-1

Technical Data Sheet - Hexanoic acid (pdf)

Fatty Acid C8 - Octanoic Acid

CAS: 124-07-2

Technical Data Sheet - Octanoic Acid (pdf)


CAS: 99-87-6

Technical Data - p-Cymene (pdf)